Professor Mungai Mutonya

"The community welcomes us. They know we are there to help."

 - Professor Mungai Mutonya, Lecturer in African and African American Studies

Landing Service Across Campus

International service provides students with a transformative experience that may increase global awareness, inform their future academic and career paths, and contribute to communities worldwide.


These opportunities expand perspectives and help young people realize how they can become active, thoughtful citizens in today’s global society.


Washington University has responded readily to engage with local communities abroad. For example, numerous student-led trips during spring, winter, and fall break focus on international service. Faculty coordinate service opportunities with their research partners in areas from India to Kenya. At the graduate level, the Schools of Medicine and Law send student and faculty cohorts to provide basic care and legal aid to the underserved in other countries.


The Institute works to share information so that effective practices about international service can be shared across the University.


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