The Gephardt Institute for Public Service promotes lifelong civic engagement and sustained community impact through service initiatives at Washington University.

Our definition of civic engagement is purposefully broad. We include volunteering, community service through groups or as individuals, service-learning courses, long-term partnerships with neighborhoods and organizations, as well the pursuit of political life and public service careers. 


Symposium for Civic Engagement

Thought Leader on Social Innovation and WUSTL civic initiatives highlighted on March 30th, 4pm

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Civic Scholars Program: Where Passion Meets the Need of the World

Civic Scholars from the Class of 2015 have been recognized for their work across campus and beyond.

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ContributeWhen you contribute to the Gephardt Institute, you enable students to make a difference.

Your support helps young people to intern in the nonprofit sector, do service at home and abroad, apply their learning in the community, and explore opportunities for public service careers.


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